Kindbridge Research Institute is an advanced learning and knowledge hub for behavioral addictions

We've assembled the brightest minds in mental health research to create new and evidence-based treatment programs for individuals living with gaming, gambling and other serious behavioral addictions.

We are engaged in a multi-year research program that is aimed at producing a progressive view of the following:

better understanding of the problems that exist within the veteran community, as well as other at-risk communities.

evaluating the effectiveness of conventional treatment approaches within the context of gaming and gambling disorders.

building evidence-based treatment approaches to gaming and gambling disorders.

informing and helping State Regulators understand the mental health impacts of legalized online sports betting, gaming and gambling.

Research Program

Behavioral Addictions are on the rise in North America and beyond, yet focused research in the area of gaming and gambling addiction is still limited. Furthermore, there are few formal or standardized treatment programs for clinical counselors to reference in a meaningful way.

While gaming and gambling addictions are not limited to any one community, Kindbridge Research Institute is placing more attention on the following populations:


Native Americans

African Americans

Asian Americans

Professional and Amateur Athletes

While we are in the midst of multiple research projects, we believe that military veterans are a group that requires immediate attention. Incidents of self-harm among veterans are high within the United States. In 2020 alone, 6146 veterans died by suicide; a staggering 16.8 per day.

It is our view that dedicated research in this area can result in near and long-term positive impacts within this important group of service people and hopefully, other at-risk populations as well.

Our Services

Kindbridge Research Institute provides advisory services to policymakers at all levels of government by providing the most up-to-date findings in our field of study. We perform prevalence studies as a way to measure health in a population. We also can provide consulting to inform regulations and legal frameworks around state gaming and gambling policies.

Military Treatment Fund

We are establishing an assistance subsidy for those individuals without insurance or access to funds to pay for mental health treatment and recovery services. This includes care for active duty service members, reservists, and veterans.


Make a difference in the health of Veterans

This innovative fund gets mental health services to over 200 veterans annually. We also have a scholarship that trains veterans to become recovery coaches for other veterans.

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