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In principle, we are here to build better care delivery infrastructure across the US for recovering gamblers through research. We are creating the Military Treatment Fund specifically because in our last two years of research with UNLV, BGSU, and in coordination with Ohio Veterans Affairs, we have discovered a disordered gambling rate of over 10% among US Veterans. This population is often in need of recovery resources that fit fixed budgets and we are able to provide mental health services for a number of co-occurring addictions and morbidities. This is why the Kindbridge Research Institute has taken steps to act.

Our Objective

This fund is intended to provide teletherapy support, financial counseling, and a hardship contribution to help patients reset and stabilize after a serious mental health event involving a gambling disorder. In the event that the person needs access to more acute care, we will provide support through our teletherapy platform before their intake and after their discharge of care to collect quality recovery data and get a comprehensive view of the person’s journey. Intense Outpatient and Inpatient treatment will also be covered for those who qualify. In the event that care is needed over a long period of time, depending on their financial status, we intend on using the fund to help cover living costs to ease the burden and keep the person focused on recovering wholly.

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