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Kindbridge Research Institute provides advisory services to policymakers at all levels of government by providing localized, up-to-date findings in the areas of gaming and gambling and associated behavioral addictions. We perform prevalence studies as a way of measuring the health in a population. We also can provide consulting that can inform regulations around gaming and gambling.

Why advisory services are needed

Gaming and casino regulations have changed significantly in a few short years. The advent of online sports betting, gambling and gaming has reduced the barriers to entry by users of all ages, backgrounds and geographic locations. However, consumer protections have been mostly overlooked, especially on the care and treatment side.

With the data that we are tracking through the Kindbridge teletherapy clinic, we are seeing a steady increase of individuals of all ages (especially 22 – 44 age groups) who are seeking assistance for a gambling-related mental health issue. We are also seeing an increase in client volume from states with no legal framework for sports betting or gambling.

Through our research partnerships with UNLV, BGSU, and Rutgers we have gathered a body of knowledge that helps us get an in-depth understanding of what states are missing in their consumer protection and public health strategies for their citizens. It’s our view that dedicated research in this area can result in near and long-term positive impacts within at-risk populations and assist with creating an environment for responsible gambling.

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We work with state gaming regulators and public health experts in multiple states including Nevada, Ohio, Colorado and New Jersey. Contact us if you are interested in learning more about how our team can inform policy or assist with creating an environment for responsible gaming.

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