Strategic Assessment Program | A Review of Gambling Disorder Treatment in Colorado

Kindbridge Research Institute (KRI) is currently engaged in a nationwide research project that studies gaming and gambling addictions within the active military and veterans community, as well as several other at-risk communities. As part of our continuing work in this area, we have been engaged by the State of Colorado to do a comprehensive analysis of the state's mental health treatment disparities in relation to Gambling Disorder (GD). Through the analysis of data collected, our objective is to create a strategic plan and framework for Gambling Disorder treatment across the state.

Strategic Assessment Goals

Goal 1: Baseline Data-Set Creation

KRI endeavors to establish formal data around the prevalence of GD within the State’s population. The data set will demonstrate year-over-year changes, and include measures of treatment locations for GD, Substance Use Disorder (SUD), and mental health disorders, then linked with state and rural/urban codes (county or equivalent).

Goal 2: Barriers to Treatment Review

Using the novel data set, we will calculate treatment availability measures for GD (overall and per-capita supply of certified and non-certified providers) while calculating similar measures for SUDs and mental health disorders.

Goal 3: Geographical Barriers to Treatment Review

We will conduct statistical analyses to identify GD treatment shortages among rural communities, as well as the supply of GD treatment compared to psychiatric disorder treatment.

Data Analysis Overview

Data will be extracted in the spring of 2023 from multiple federal databases, including:


Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration (SAMHSA) lists of (a) non-certified Gambling Disorder treatment facilities, (b) SUD treatment facilities, and (c) mental health disorder treatment facilities.


Treatment measures will be categorized using Rural-Urban Continuum Codes at the state, regional, and zip code levels.

Anticipated Outcome

At the end of the Strategic Assessment, our goal is to deliver a comprehensive 5-year Implementation Roadmap for the state that covers the following topics:

1. Public Health Policy,
2. Legislation,
3. GD Treatment,
4. GD Education,
5. GD Prevention Strategies in Colorado Communities.

All data sets will be mapped into a Geographic Information System (GIS) and made available in an interactive tool that will give the Colorado Gaming Commission and the Colorado Office of Civil and Forensic Mental Health a comprehensive picture of where the most at-risk populations are across the state.
The delivery of the data set, GIS, 5-year Strategic Plan and Implementation Roadmap is scheduled to be delivered to the State by the end of February 2024, approximately 1 calendar year from the initial funding awarded.

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