Welcome to the
Kindbridge Research Institute

Advancing Gambling and Gaming Telehealth through Research

Founding Story

We were founded in September of 2020 during the 2nd wave of the Covid-19 pandemic in response to an increased demand for mental health services for gamblers and gamers when in person access to resources was no longer a possibility.

We started the Research Institute in the United States specifically because we were aware of the treatment access gaps across the country, not just due to a lack of insurance provider options for those seeking mental health resources in the gambling and gaming communities to use, but also the lack of licensed, qualified counselors across the country that truly understand the nature of the problems gamblers and gamers face when approaching recovery.

We believe that telehealth is the future of treatment for these populations and are engaging with several major Universities across the country to explore how to deliver better care for individuals, family members, spouses, and couples that are experiencing emotional harms due to their relationship with gambling & gaming and are struggling with their mental health.

Our mission is to provide better access to high-quality care for gamblers and gamers.

Our Agenda

To advance evidence-based mental health solutions for gambling and gaming communities.

Assembling Our Scientific Board of Advisors

This group will be tasked with staying out in front of developing trends in gambling and gaming and helping the world understand how to best approach mental health solutions as these industries evolve.

Research & Academia Program Development

We are developing evidence-based practice models for gambling and gaming with the intent of better understanding how telehealth, better access to assistance, and better access to the right tools to aid recovery, can impact high- quality outcomes.

Gambler & Gamer Recovery Fund

We are establishing an assistance subsidy for those individuals without insurance or access to monies to pay for mental health treatment and recovery services.

Our Interests

Our Team

We have assembled a first-class team that are ready to advance how telehealth impacts outcomes for gamblers and gamers.

Dr. Stephanie Diez-Morel


Marc Lefkowitz​


Dr. Nathan Smith

Ph.D., Psychiatric Epidemiology

Daniel Umfleet

Dr. Tim Fong

MD, Psychiatry, Addiction Psychiatry

Dr. Jeremiah Weinstock

Ph. D., Psychology

Andrew Walsh


Dr. Jay Berk


Cam Adair

Entrepreneur, Founder, TedX Speaker

Lia Nower


Get Involved

In order to successfully deliver our program, we are looking to execute both internal and external projects that help accelerate the conversation around better mental health access for gamblers & gamers.